Look back on 2020

Happy New Year! (half a month late...)

Although the timing is a little too late, I'm going to look back at what I did last year so that I don't forget the year and go back to square one.


It's already been a year since I changed jobs after deciding that a repetitive office job was too much for me.1 Compared to before I changed jobs

  • Compared to my previous job, my work is more suitable for me, so I'm doing it comfortably with little stress.
  • Although I say I'm suited to the job, I'm not able to concentrate as much as I had hoped before changing jobs.
  • My attendance, which I thought I had improved in my previous job, is still a little unstable. Mentally, I'm in better shape than I was in my previous job, but I find myself starting to do unnecessary things and getting distracted by them, which causes me to lose focus on my work.

So, even though my motivation has increased with the change of job, I still feel like I'm not doing my best. However, as of mid-January, my concentration on work and attendance are improving, thanks to the aforementioned note-taking to some extent.


I'm riding as little as I used to. My annual mileage is still only 1000km. However, considering that I don't go camping anymore, which I used to do the year before last (for financial reasons), and that I often stay indoors on weekends to work on the server, my mileage has increased slightly, so it's not too bad.

I'd like to go camping at least once this year to dry out my gear.

Physical condition

I no longer feel sleepy during the day, and my stomach has stabilized, so I feel better than ever. I've been getting my nutrition through curry (see below), and my strength training (Ring fit Adventure ) has been less frequent, but ongoing.

I thought so, but the results of my physical examination were not so good. I've heard that you start to get sick in your thirties, but the fact that I'm already sick at the age of just thirty is a bit worrisome.

Also, the corona antibody test came back negative. I was surprised because I thought I had already been exposed to it and had antibodies since I used to work in the Yokohama area, where the cruise ships that I miss now used to stay. I don't socialize or go to bars, so there's nothing I can do about it in my life...

Note-taking, writing tools

I've been trying to rethink my task organization since last May, and as a result of some trial and error, I've started to keep a barrett journal with cursive letter in mirror writing. I don't know why I'm doing this, but in spite of it's a strange story, I've been doing this for half a year, and I'm finally about to finish my first notebook.

I'm planning to write up the details in another article this month, just in time to move on to the second notebook.


It's been a hectic year for me, as I've repeatedly introduced various things for myself, such as Redmine for task management and jellyfin for listening to music, only to get bored with them.

As a result, I don't feel like I've gotten any more convenient than last year, but I've gotten used to Linux commands and Vi operations, which is a step forward.

I've become so accustomed to it that I've started to mistype 2 in other editors, and I've started to adjust my key bindings to Vim.


I make a week's worth of curry every week and take it with me for lunch.

I originally started this for the following reasons

  • I originally wanted to be able to cook for myself.
  • I wanted to make something in bulk for the weekdays because if I cook one meal per week, I have too much ingreedients left over.
  • I was inspired by making curry in RPG 3 that I had just played at the time.
  • I could afford to work short hours and telework for a while. Surprisingly, it's still going on now that my work hours have returned.

The four major advantages I feel are as follows.

  • I can rest assured that I'm getting some vegetables in one meal, which I tend to lack when I eat convenience store lunches or fast food.
  • I don't have to worry about choosing onigiri (rice balls) for midday meal.
  • My cooking skills will improve(probably).
  • I can use up all the ingredients (except for the spices) in one go, so I don't have to let them go bad.

It's strange that choosing lunch at a convinience store everyday is more troublesome than making curry, but I guess it's fun because it's still going on.

Finally, my New Year's resolutions

My targets for this year are as follows

  • Increase the frequency of my blog (especially in English)
  • I've had my hands full with install server functions so far, but this year I want to focus more on operation, such as log analysis.
  • Get a network specialist license(I don't know if I'll be able to do this under the current circumstances, but...)
  • Contribute to the OSS community in some way.

Next year, I hope I'll be able to output enough to my blog that I don't have to do this kind of random review.


Now that I think about it, it was really lucky that I was able to change jobs safely at that timing, just before Corona became a real topic of conversation.


The most frequent problem was that I typed :w instead of Ctrl + S when saving.


Persona5 Royal , the main character's base coffee shop sells curry, so he eats curry every morning, learns curry, and has a strong impression of curry(, but it has nothing to do with the main story...).